• X-Doria’s New KidGPS Tracks Child’s Location to Provide Parents with Constant Peace of Mind

    Posted by Jasmine Taylor

    SANTA MONICA, CA – (Nov. 9, 2015) – X-Doria, makers of kid-friendly products such as the KidFit activity & sleep tracker and AutoCompass, makers of advanced cellular-based GPS tracking and monitoring systems, are excited to announce the new KidGPS location tracker. The user-friendly KidGPS is a palm-sized tracking device that can easily be tucked in a pocket or clipped on a backpack. Parents can quickly find their child’s location via the free KidGPS iOS and Android apps.

    The KidGPS app also allows parents to set up “Zones,” based on common destinations for the child, and notifies the parent via push notification when the child arrives or leaves a Zone. For example, parents can be notified when a child is dropped off or picked up from school. KidGPS also features a handy “Help!” button that sends parents a notification that the child needs help, via SMS and push notification. The child’s current location is then easily located from the KidGPS app, ensuring parents can quickly locate their children.

    Users can set up multiple mobile devices to receive KidGPS zone alerts allowing not only parents, but also, grandparents, babysitters or anyone else that takes care of the child, to track a child’s location.

    KidGPS’s battery lasts the entire school week, up to 5 days, and can be easily recharged via the integrated micro-USB port. The app shows the battery strength remaining of every KidGPS being tracked. The included belt clip and lanyard let kids easily wear or attach KidGPS to backpacks, clothing, suitcases and more.

    KidGPS is available now for $99.99, plus monitoring, at www.KidGPS.us. Monitoring plans are required and start for as little as $5.99 per month.

    About X-Doria:

    X-Doria is a leading maker of fashion-forward accessories for mobile lifestyles. From the beginning, a commitment to approachable fashion and customer-centric design has been the hallmarks of X-Doria products. Today, X-Doria continues to break new ground in fashion and design for mobile accessories. Products such as Scene Plus, Engage Folio, KidFit and now Defense Lux continue to lead the way in mobile accessories for a new generation of mobile consumers.

    Learn more about X-Doria at www.x-doria.com.

    Follow X-Doria facebook.com/xdoriaproducts

    Twitter, @xdoriaproducts.

    About AutoCompass:

    AutoCompass is a leading maker of cellular-based GPS monitoring and tracking platforms. With a focus on ease-of-use, AutoCompass is moving the GPS tracking industry beyond simply providing a pin on a map, offering monitoring and security solutions for personal and commercial use.

    Learn more about KidGPS at www.kidgps.us


    Media Contact:

    Bruno Solari
    Account Coordinator
    Max Borges Agency for X-Doria

    305-374-4404 x185


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  • F Cancer & X-Doria Partner to Launch Limited Edition iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Cases to Raise Funds for Cancer Awareness & Research

    Posted by Jasmine Taylor

    Santa Monica, CA – (Oct. 13, 2015) – F Cancer has partnered with X-Doria to launch a new line of limited edition iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases to help raise funds and awareness towards cancer. F Cancer is changing the cancer space by improving health outcomes through digital initiatives, early detection programs, education, and uniting communities through events. By purchasing one of the limited edition cases, supporters will be able to show how they really feel about cancer, while also giving back and aiding in finding a cure to this life-threatening disease.

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  • X-Doria unveils expanded line of Military Grade Protective Cases

    Posted by Jasmine Taylor

    Santa Monica, CA – Sept 9, 2015 –Built to exceed Military Grade Drop Testing, MIL-STD-810G, Defense Lux is the fashionable upgrade to the popular X-Doria Defense Shield and Gear protective cases for iPhone. All Defense line products are made from anodized machined aluminum and provide the protection combined with a premium look and feel worthy of putting on you premium iPhone.

    Defense Lux -- (MSRP $59.99) Defense Lux blends tough drop protection and refined luxury to create the ultimate in durable cases.  Defense Lux has a soft inner rubber layer, reinforced by a hard, impact resistant polycarbonate backing.  A machined aluminum outer frame with metallic button cover adds an impact and scratch resistant barrier to the phone’s perimeter.  To complete the look, a luxurious rear panel is added to complement and finish the hard metal exterior, presented in carbon fiber looks, soft leather, or croc skin.  The use of machined metal instead of plastic provides military-level drop protection in a slim, pocketable and premium offering. Drop tested to survive 6.6’ (2M) drops on concrete, Defense Metal is the ultimate way to protect, but not cover up, the iPhone. An oversized raised lip also protects the screen from drops and surface scratches. In the rear, clear polycarbonate protects your device without covering it up. Simple snap on construction means no tools are required. The Defense Lux is available in: Croc Skin, Silver Carbon, Black Carbon, and Black PU Leather for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

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  • Get Kids Moving and Build Healthy Habits for Life with KidFit!

    Posted by Matt Brown

    Santa Monica, CA – (June 15, 2014) – X-Doria announces KidFit, a wearable wireless activity and sleep tracker created specifically for children ages 5-13. KidFit creates customized daily activity targets for kids and presents them in an easy to understand goal of 100 points.  The KidFit app gives timely feedback on progress via brightly colored “Results Cards” and encourages kids to reach their daily targets.  Built-in goals create ongoing challenges and engagement toward the child’s health goals. Available for $49.99 at X-Doria.com

    With an easy and intuitive interface, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a straightforward one-button design, setup is as easy as downloading the KidFit app, pressing one button on the KidFit wristband and answering a few simple questions. KidFit will automatically set daily activity and sleep goals for a quick start.  Parents looking to further refine their child’s KidFit goals can customize active time and sleep goals, amongst other settings at any time. KidFit is housed in a colorful, “slap-band” style wristband that provides a continually adjustable, secure fit.  With an IPX3 water resistant rating and rechargeable battery capable of up to seven days of monitoring, KidFit is a true 24/7 activity monitor.

    Rather than just counting steps or calories, KidFit motivates a behavior change in children by making activities into a game, and encouraging any form of activity to meet daily goals. Built-in challenges centered around key measures of health, encourage continued engagement for both the short and long term. Goals focus on key metrics such as hitting your daily target score, getting enough sleep and distance traveled, so children are rewarded when goals are met. Parents also can create custom goals tied to real world rewards for extra motivation. 

    Parents are encouraged to spend a few minutes at the end of each day to sync data and discuss results with their child. KidFit can be synced to a parent’s or child’s iPod, iPad, iPhone or similar Android device.  Synced summaries show achieved goals and a total score that includes three components: total KidFit score, sleep time, and progress toward goals. Users can view progress at a glance in an easy to understand summary or progress over time in animated graphs.

    “Over the last three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled. Today, one in three children in our nation is overweight or obese*,” says Matt Brown, Director of Product Development for X-Doria. “With KidFit, children don’t necessarily need to be athletic to be successful and healthy; they just need to increase their physical activity during the day and get enough rest at night. By staying active and healthy, children learn good habits that will stick with them and help fight immediate issues like poor self-esteem, illnesses or eating disorders as well as long-term issues like diabetes and heart disease.”

     KidFit will be available on August 15th in black, aqua, hot pink, yellow and red for $49.99.  Pre-orders are now being accepted at www.x-doria.com/kidfit.  The first 1,000 orders will get $10 off the regular MSRP. 


    *Letsmove.gov: http://www.letsmove.gov/learn-facts/epidemic-childhood-obesity


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    About X-Doria:

    X-Doria is a leading maker of fashion-forward accessories for mobile lifestyles. From the beginning, a commitment to approachable fashion and customer-centric design have been the

    hallmarks of X-Doria products. Today, X-Doria continues to break new ground in fashion and  design for mobile accessories. Products such as Scene Plus, Defense 720°, and now KidFit continue to lead the way in mobile accessories for a new generation of mobile consumers.


    Learn more about X-Doria at www.x-doria.com

    Follow X-Doria facebook.com/xdoriaproducts

    Twitter @xdoriaproducts


    Media Contact

    Andrew Felix

    Max Borges Agency



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  • rootzwiki.com - X-Doria Dash Pro and Dash Icon Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Posted by Matt Brown

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the single most popular Android device in 2012. Selling millions of devices makes you popular, and that’s a great thing if you are interested in accessories. Accessory manufactures develop and release accessories for devices that will bring them a profit. So when the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGS4) was announced everyone expected it too was going to be popular because the Galaxy brand is heavily marketed and is usually the highest selling Android device. I have been seeing many accessories marketed towards the SGS4 and a new brand that has come across my desk is X-Doria. X-Doria, mainly a case manufacturer for iOS devices, has recently entered the Android ecosystem by releasing some cases for the SGS4.We'll be looking at the X-Doria Dash Pro and Dash Icon cases for Samsung's latest flagship phone. via rootzwiki

    This is the first time I have ever used an X-Doria case on any of my devices. They are testing the waters by offering three case series for the SGS4. I have for you the DASH ICON and the DASH PRO. They provide two different experiences as one is a snap on case and the other is a flip cover case. Let’s see if X-Doria has the chops to offer use quality accessories for our Android devices.

    Dash Icon:

    The Dash Icon is a hard shell polycarbonate snap-on case. We have seen these types of cases offered from many other manufactures. However, X-Doria differs by offering some fashion designs and color options. Any producer can do a simple snap-on case, so if you want to get my attention you need to do something different. X-Doria has caught my attention and they have done it with their use of fabrics, colors, and print designs. The Dash Icon case has a layer of fabric on the back to create unique designs like polka dots, tribal-style graphics, and birds. The slight thickness of the fabric raises tactile interest. It brings a unique experience to your case as it feels different and X-Doria is able to offer designs you don’t see every day.

    The fabric has a nice texture to your palm that doubles great as grip. It also gets away from the plastic feel that the SGS line of phones is notorious for. I have the “Navy Dots” design option of the Dash Icon which is the red with navy blue polka dots. The polka dots are of a different material and look to be ironed on. I really like the way it looks but it seems with heavy long term use the polka dots may peel off. There is no definitive evidence or signs of peeling at the moment but I have my suspicions. The fabric material is red, looks great brand new, and is great for grip. My hands must get dirty because I have noticed that the fabric gets dirty. It is quite difficult to clean (as it is fabric) so applying the wrong cleaning product may damage the fabric. If you are a messy person beware of the fabric as it is prone to staining.

    The cutouts for the physical buttons and ports are spot on. There are no obstructions for the camera, flash, volume rocker, and power button. As a snap on case the top and bottom of the case are open providing zero protection for your device. That is the nature of the beast when it comes to these type of cases. It does provide easy access to the microphone, headphone, and charging port.

    If you are a fan of snap on cases but need it to look fresh then you need to check these out. The use of fabric is a nice change up of the stale solid color snap on cases. They provide four different designs but unfortunately they do not provide more color combinations. The Dash Icon retails for $29.99 through X-Doria.com.

    Dash Pro:

    The Dash Pro is a flip cover case that providing more features and “more” protection. Unlike the OEM flip covers, the X-Doria Dash Pro does not replace your battery cover but instead has you slide your phone into a pouch. It secures the phone into place to make sure that it does not slip out. The exterior of the Dash Pro is of a soft leather-like material that gives it a premium feel and look. The flip cover has a built-in magnet strong enough to not flip open up accidently. The flip cover is also a smart cover as it turns on and off your device when flipped accordingly. The flip cover can also be used as a stand which works great. Each viewing angle is useable and the notches are deep enough to hold the SGS4 firmly in place.

    The inner portion of the Dash Pro consists of a cloth material that is soft to the touch. It's soft enough that it doesn't damage the screen or the device. However, it does attract dirt and will look dingy over time. Just like the Dash Icon fabric backing, this cloth material is difficult to clean. Like many flip covers this one is also weird to hold when using the SGS4. It actually feels you are holding on to the flip cover rather than the device when you flip the cover back.

    The design of the pouch encasing the SGS4 has to be noted. For some reason large portions of the top, bottom and most notably the corners of the case are wide open. It is possibly to avoid tight fits but it is a big deal that they are open. This SGS4 was accidentally dropped while using the Dash Pro and it suffered cosmetic damage on the uncovered corner.

    The cutouts for the camera and speaker are spot on. It is a bit awkward holding your device to take a picture as the flip doesn't have a cut out and you need access of the screen to take the picture. The volume rocker is only accessible when the flip cover is open. The cutout for the power button, charging, and headphone port are large enough for easy access. 

    If you are a fan of flip covers but need more coverage than the average cover offers, the Dash Pro is right up your alley. It provides a layer of additional protection but it does have its vulnerabilities. It provides the same features you expect from the standard flip cover plus the ability to use as a stand. X-Doria offers the Dash Pro for $29.99 in several colors and two designs. via rootzwiki

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