Defense Plus for Galaxy S5


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Defense Plus is REAL glass and REAL protection for your Galaxy S5 screen.  

Made from tempered safety glass like used in car windshields, and chemically treated to be harder than steel, your Galaxy S5 screen is well protected from scratches, impacts and other hazards.  The smooth, polished glass surface feels just like touching the naked screen with no reduction in responsiveness.

The thin, flexible glass helps to absorb shocks and impacts that threaten your screen.  Super thin at 0.33 mm, Defense Plus provides a slimmer fit compared to other glass protection on the market.

  • 0.33 mm thin
  • Smooth glass feels just like touching the naked screen
  • Made from real, tempered safety glass
  • Harder than steel (9H) to resist scratches
  • Flexible build absorbs shocks from impacts to help prevent screen damage

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