Rapt for iPhone 5s/5

  • Hard polycarbonate and soft rubber criss cross and combine to make a new super protective case from X-Doria. Rapt's distinctive design is a combination of polycarbonate and rubber, wrapped together to form a super grippy surface across the back of your iPhone. Alternating matte and glossy textures add visual interest. Hard plastic protects your iPhone from impacts front, sides and back. Inside a soft rubber lining ensures that your iPhone never touches hard plastic. This soft lining extends to form a protective bezel, keeping your screen away from table tops and other potential scratch hazards. Volume and lock buttons are completely protected as well, yet absolutely accessible.
    • Distinctive wrapped pattern adds grip and protection
    • Hard outer shell to shield against impact
    • Soft rubber interior guards against shocks and jolts
    • Raised front bezel helps protect your iPhone screen
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